Milky Way Sculpture [Crystal Nebulae]
  • The Sculpture

    Using the three-dimensional map of our galaxy, this sculpture is designed to be a faithful reproduction of the Milky Way at a scale of approximately one to twenty-five thousand billion billion (1 : 2.5 x 1022).

    [Milky Way Sculpture] It is engraved in a 6cm cube block of optical-quality crystal glass. The engraving is performed using a high repetition rate, diode pumped, nanosecond YAG laser. This system focuses intense laser light at points inside the block, thereby generating minute (50 micro-metre) marks in the glass, which show up as more than 300,000 tiny "frosted" stars. You can download a magnified image (approx 290k) to see some of the detail in the sculpture.

    [Rotating Milky Way] It is difficult to do justice to this beautiful object without picking one up and taking a close look at the intricate detailing from all directions. Hopefully, this animation gives some flavour of the full three-dimensional nature of the sculpture. It also shows the amazing way that the pure optical-quality crystal glass refracts the light, allowing the viewer to see multiple images of the galaxy embedded in the glass, giving an even stronger sense of the Milky Way's three-dimensional shape.

    The sculpture is available exclusively from Crystal Nebulae for only 39.95 plus 5 postage and packing (including a padded gift box). Details of how to purchase your sculpture, including on-line secure credit card sales, are available here.